Back in the Saddle

It’s been a while. Life got CRAZY all of a sudden! School started, grad school started, I still have this dog that’s peeing everywhere. I still feel a little like I’m on the verge of drowning, but finally getting my life together on every front. Sometimes I think about the amount of things I need to accomplish in a day and I wonder, “Do CEOs juggle this many things at once? If not, why am I not making the same $300,000,000 they are?!” Ok ok, so I only have 200 people depending on my success or failure and not thousands of employees and an entire company…but still, if people got paid by the amount of stress they’re under I could afford to quit all these projects and spend my time the way I want to spend it– eating and watching Netflix/reading books all day every day. Here’s to hoping.

And just like that, it’s my favorite time of year– I call these months the Holiday Corner. The holidays start in October and then just keep coming until after we turn the corner in January. Halloween is almost here and ALL I WANT is cooler temps in Galveston. We got a little sneak peak with one 70 degree day last week, but it’s 80 again and I am sweating in my sweatshirt. I insist on wearing it because it’s mid-October and it SHOULD be sweatshirt weather, damn it. I miss that about Michigan (although I hear the weather up there is nuts right now, too). When I was in high school, kid wore their letterman jackets and they sold hot apple cider at the Homecoming game. I made an appearance at the Homecoming game last night  for the school I teach at; while there I sweat through my t-shirt and ended up leaving at half-time because I was uncomfortably damp and dehydrated.

Lack of cooler weather has not hindered my Halloween spirit however. We are officially in Halloween House Mode over here.

A spider graces our Holiday Birch

B is not a huge Halloween fan. He doesn’t enjoy dressing up or throwing creepy parties. He doesn’t understand why I cry (and then binge on fun-sized Snickers) when no Trick-or-Treaters show up at our house. He wants nothing to do with pumpkin guts (but will demolish a pan of roasted pumpkin seeds). That said, he really loves me and I really love Halloween. He got me a gift the other day… something I noticed in a shop a few weekends ago but would never have bought for myself. It’s the pièce de résistance of my Halloween decor collection, really. Check this beauty from Mark Roberts out:


I’m dying, I love her so much. And him for being the sweetest. Skeleton Bride is everything.

Oh ya, and I’m back at the gym after a brief 3-week hiatus.

The crazy thing about routines is that they take a really long time to establish–I’ve heard everything from 11 days to 21 days to 66 days– and not nearly as long to dismantle. I took a “few days” off from working out to let a new tattoo heal. Three weeks later I felt like crap and decided that I needed to get back to business. Which obviously meant I needed to buy some motivational athletic wear from Gymshark and ProjectX. Real talk– sometimes a new outfit is all it takes to get me  up and at it. Sorry not sorry. Look at this cute shirt!!

Shirt from Mermaids collection from ProjectX

I also started a new program from Hanna Oeberg via the Aflete App. She just released a full body guide and I’m loving the whole experience. If you don’t already, follow her on Instagram, YouTube, and buy all her stuff. I follow a lot of female fitness influencers on Instagram, but I find some of them to be intimidating for lots of different reasons. Mostly it boils down to this: all of these women have amazing bodies, but no one looks like me. Or even like the fittest version of me I could ever hope to achieve. I could do everything right, but I’ll never be 5’10 or look like a Victoria’s Secret model, nor do I want to. What I like about Hanna is that she’s super down to Earth, she doesn’t count her macros, and we have similar body types– short, muscular, and with measurable body fat compositions. She’s a great role model and advocate for loving the body you’re in, which is inspiring for me, as someone who has always been able to find a “problem area” given enough time in front of a mirror. Following her program and her advice, I feel myself growing more confident and liking the way I look RIGHT NOW instead of obsessing over what I think I want to look like. I feel great, I’m getting stronger, and I’m seeing positive results (is that a booty I see?!). Win, win, win!


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