And so it begins…

Ok, so I decided this summer to start a blog. I had just finished planning my own (badass) wedding and was flying high on a “I can craft ANYTHING” level of confidence, so I chose DIY/crafting as my niche.

School let out and suddenly I had a lot of free time to start my soon-to-be Pinterest-famous crafting blog… Only to realize that a) I had nothing to say about crafting and b) I had no motivation to, like, craft anything just for the sake of writing a blog post. So much for that shiny new website domain. Sorry dollar store cake plates, you’ll never get your 15 minutes of fame.

Enter Pepper…

As a wedding gift, my husband bestowed upon me an 8 week old English Cocker Spaniel we call Pepper. Friends, this dog is almost everything to me. Behold:

Honestly, I didn’t realize our family was missing a member until this dog showed up and I immediately forgot what life was like pre-Pepper. That said…

This dog pees A LOT.

Apparently I had also forgotten what having a brand new puppy was like. Our lab Harley hasn’t peed in the house in 3 years but suddenly my whole entire summer vacation, day and night, revolved around establishing a consistent and effective potty schedule. As June quickly came to a close, so did my emotional capacity for handling Pepper’s peepee accidents. I needed to get out of the house for at least an hour and not worry about whether she was going to pee in her crate (hint: she did pee in her crate.)

This is how I decided it was time to actually use the gym membership I’d been paying for since January.

Long story short, I’ve been hitting the gym consistently 3-5 times per week to do a mix of lifting and cardio since the beginning of July. Not only that, but I have a lot to say about how it’s going, what goals I’m setting and what I’m doing to make progress, what I’m eating to support those goals (surprising no one, this is the hardest part for me), etc. This is actually something I could write about without trying to be the Martha Stewart of health and nutrition. Cuz I’m not. More like Kimmy Schmidt– pretty green but full of enthusiasm.

So here I am at the beginning of something new, something it turns out I really enjoy doing. I don’t have all the answers and probably never will but I’m definitely learning and growing as I figure out what works for me. My macros may be a mess, but at least I have cute workout pants…

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